What products or services will be provided? – Hospitality, educational retreats, coaching, networking, and an inspirational environment.

What markets or customer groups will be served? – Writers and other creators/creatives, but also visual artists and designers, musicians, inventors and engineers, out-of-the-box thinkers.

What is the geographic coverage of the establishment? Worldwide

What are the principles with regards to your community and other social issues? Increase knowledge of the Isle of Man; Take care of a historic property; contribute to commerce and tourism; promote respect for the arts and creators from all backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life.

What are the principles concerning stakeholders such as customers, employees, business partners etc.? Everyone on the team contributes according to his or her skills, abilities, and creative passions. Customers are responsible for working on their craft.

Why should creators come to stay with and learn from us? To engage in a journey of discovery into the creative possibilities within. The focused discussions and separation from the distractions of life will provide opportunities to learn and create in a way that is difficult to do while in the middle of a busy life.

What advantages will we have over other similar retreats, locations? As a non-profit with low overhead, we can make this unique learning and inspirational opportunity more affordable.

What makes this idea the best solution to the needs of creators? It was conceived, nurtured, and developed by people who believe in the power of creativity to heal and bring enjoyment to both the creator and the audience.

What is unique about this service? Its beautiful and historical location and learning and inspirational opportunities will be provided.

How do you want your idea to be perceived? As an idea built by people who love the arts for people who love the arts.

How do I get involved in this project/join your team? Please share the link for this GoFundMe everywhere you can think of on social media or with people you know. To join the team, leave a message below or find me (@Diogeneia) on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Who are you? My name is Lee Ann Jackson. My author pseudonym is Diogeneia. A summary of my professional experience is below.

“As a writer, I aspire to create accessible stories of original, emotive, and thematic quality; and to help other creative souls do the same in their chosen craft.”

My area of expertise is creative writing and editing and I would coach and edit at events geared toward writers. My family and I would also be responsible for maintaining the property and overseeing events and guests. We’ve both had previous entrepreneurial experience in retail and consulting.

I love the arts and I’ve always wanted to contribute to them and help others do the same. My personal goal is to make the world a more enjoyable place through literature…through writing.

I’m 30 years a writer and editor by education, training, and experience. I graduated Summa Cum Laude (top of the class) from Cleveland State University in Cleveland, OH (USA) in 1994 with three bachelor degrees (English Literature, Creative Writing, and Communications/ Journalism). Writing fiction is my preferred creative outlet but I’ve made a life applying my skills in other industries while trying to write and edit fiction in my “free time.” Currently, I’m a contractor at NASA where I work as a Knowledge Management Specialist and a Technical Writer/Editor.

When not working my day job, I am a freelance fiction consultant, coach, and editor. I do some pro bono work in that area and occasionally work out formal barter/service exchange agreements to provide opportunities to writers who can’t afford to hire an experienced fiction editor or writing coach.

See also LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/writerlee/


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