Are you a writer? A creative soul who struggles to find time to do the thing that you love? It’s among the top regrets of creatives everywhere.

As a writer, I aspire to create accessible, original, emotive stories of thematic quality, and to help other creative souls do the same in their chosen craft. I’ve done this in person and via social media as an editor and writing coach for over two decades.

What if you had an escape, where you could put your whole self into your craft?

And what if that place was a castle on a beautiful island in the middle of the sea? Ravensdale Castle is such a place, on the historic Isle of Man.

Its own legends make the Isle of Man an ideal writer’s paradise: It’s a portentous place, where fairies lurk in the trees and dragons stay hushed so as not to disturb the dreamers. It is the royal seat of Manannán Mac Lir, Lord of the sea and husband of the Fairy Queen.

Ravensdale is perfect for feathered quills of elaborate plumage and inkpots resting on taloned bases, perched on desks adorned with crimson Montbretia, awaiting the poet with a sudden fleeting inspiration. There is tea for the brooders, wine for the thinkers, whiskey for the wanderers, and biscuits for the witnesses, with crumbs to feed the fairies.

The goal

Ravensdale will host retreats, workshops, seminars, and other events for creatives (writers, musicians, artists, out-of-the-box thinkers).

Its charter as a non-profit would enshrine its vision:

A collaborative and inspirational space wherein creators around the world can pursue their passions, and by doing so, contribute to their communities and the world around them.

And its dual mission:

…To enhance the lives of writers, musicians, artists, and other creatives with a place dedicated to the study and practice of craft, encouragement from other creative professionals, and opportunities to seek and receive inspiration.

…To provide quality, accessible programs and services, while contributing to the local community on the Isle of Man by maintaining a historic location.

Financial model

Ravensdale will be a non-profit bed-and-breakfast and cultural events venue.

Outright ownership of the property will reduce overhead costs and thus allow Ravensdale to subsidize people who could not otherwise afford the price of a visit or event there. In addition to financial awards, barter/exchange opportunities will allow applicants to offer professionals services in return for participation in an event.

The funding goal is based on the asking price and the costs, fees, and taxes associated with international relocation to that specific property—Ravensdale Castle. There are similar opportunities in case this particular property is no longer available by the time of funding.

Securing Ravensdale is a matter of raising sufficient funds in time. It might require a bit of luck and maybe a pinch of fairy dust… or the help of someone like you.


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