CASSANDRA SOLARA has never been good at doing what “God” or her father wants. Not when she was a kid and not now at twenty-one.

She should never have followed her father to his secret meeting that night. Never should have had a secret childhood relationship with the immortal RUBIUS. Never have saved him from the sun with her own blood. And, certainly, never have fallen in love with him.

But she did and now, as everyone she cares for dies or betrays her, the sun is setting on everything she wants to be and believe.

Rubius, isn’t much better than Cassandra at doing what’s expected him, but he’s about to be king of all immortals, so why shouldn’t he be able to do and have whatever—whomever—he wants? If Cassandra is his, she can escape the so-called destiny the vampire hunters claim is hers.

A destiny where she kills him.

He knows she wants none of it and that the terrible things that happen to her aren’t her fault. He just needs to convince her of it. If he can do that, they can both change their destinies.

Memories in Blood is a 116,320-word, Romeo and Juliette fantasy romance involving evangelistic hunter-mages and Greco-Roman gods re-imagined as vampires. It is written in alternating timelines to emphasize the depth of the primary conflict and the relationships between the main characters.

I have three BAs focused on writing (Creative, Journalism, and English Lit/Classics), which led me to NASA, where I help people share their knowledge using storytelling techniques like “And-But-Therefore.” My vampire-themed short story entitled “The Pianist” was recently published in a fiction anthology entitled Opus 22: A Rhapsody of Short Fiction.

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