People who know me know that I write fiction. People who know me well know that I write in the speculative fiction genres (fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal), usually in the third person POV.   That’s been the case since grade school; so, a long time.

Well, I’ve decided to try something way out of my comfort zone. Way, way out of it.  “Butterfly” is an erotic romance that explores, through a series of short stories, the complicated emotional relationship a dom and his female sub . I decided to write the first story in first person from the male main character’s point-of-view, which is also a different approach for me. The second story is in first person, but in the female main character’s point-of-view, and is still being written.  My research for this one includes the setting (Tennessee) and the BDSM sub-culture.

The second item tends to put people on edge (including me), which is why I decided to write it. When you study creative writing, you are often told to explore the edges of things with your characters and put them through the ringer.  This is harder than it sounds because your characters are often vicarious extensions of you, especially in the beginning of your writing career. This might be good if you’ve lived an exciting or interesting life, if you recognize those aspects of your life, and if you can put that life–including the associated emotions–down on paper.  However, if none of that applies to you, you’re going to have to reach beyond what you know. That includes research and empathy. Since I am the type of person that tends to focus on the positive and prefers harmony, the way for me to break out of that bubble was to force myself to write something completely out of my spectrum.  BUTTERFLY is the result of that.

First Story: On an Earth where some have super-human abilities, college professor DANIEL HUNTER is intrigued by a young woman who is interested in experimenting with his powers of pleasure. HOLLY GODFREY is an Almost— as in almost super-human—with what appear to be unrealized powers. When she comes to him to solve the ‘little problem’ of her virginity on her terms, Daniel finds her body painted with bruises. He has rules and one of them is not to get involved with ‘broken’ women. But Holly’s pure and defiant nature and the strange ways her powers manifest draw him into her world and into a confrontation with her abusive, non-super step-father, CULLEN BAKER. Daniel’s rules and his heart are tested when he decides to make Holly his and unravel her mysterious powers.

I’m always looking for beta (secondary) test readers, so feel free to message me if this is a genre you like.


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